+your profession? polymorphous manual.
+main personality trait? happily drowned!
+when have you died? I died six years ago in an earthquake; I often wake up being surprised to be alive.
+most of your likes in people? Curiosity, obstinacy and a contagious smile.
+what makes you wake up in the morning? The seeds planted the day before.
+what have your old childhood dreams become? Gardens always bloom… even by themselves...
+your favourite hobby? Sinking, swimming, drowning and saving myself…
+what about God? fervent and curious animist.
+and about inspiration? I believe I still have my child’s eyes, which are experienced and indiscreet travellers, and so inspiration is constantly floating in the air...
I would like to, above all, distort my gaze. Magical shapes and colours from my childhood were hidden in the lense of the microscope, they are still there.I would like to, above all, distort my gaze.
+your dream of happiness? easy one! water and a 20-meters square house in a 3-hectares garden.
+can everyone be an artist? Observation is a creative act.I think everyone has got a little poetic thread to pull (sometimes, it is simply ill placed).
+what would you like to be? I am trying to soothe my impatience; Caterpillars live longer than butterflies.
+where do you come from? This is what I am trying to understand by observing with curiosity what flows from my pens to the paper, by examining myself with toroughness.
+what is your favourite colour? Pollen yellow, indigo and skin brown.
+a bird? the toucan, paradoxical beauty.
+an author? Gabriel Garcia Marquèz, Jean Henri Fabre and Louis Figuier.
+the word you love the most? I prefer several love: emancipate, watery, amphibian, synestesia,..
+who’re your favourite fiction heroes? Bartelby, Ishmael, Nasr Eddin Hodja, Monte Cristo and Alice…
+what about your real-life heroes? Real is a weird word, but.. Humboldt, Jessy Owens, Zheng Tao and Guillaume Nery.
+what did you give up on? Justifying myself, to my boss and to so many others..
+what do you do with your money? I act as if I had all the time...
+what is your present state of mind? Fertile…
+what would you wish for your birthday? A ticket for Saül.
+what are you able to say no to? To listen, that is for sure.
+what would you be able to do out of love? Remain silent.
+what can be reproached to you? The fact that I can say no.
+what is the purpose of art? It force u to undress with sensuality
+under which shape would you like to be reborn?...as a flying fish.
What is your favourite quote? “Ak patiens wap wè tete foumi”.

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